Stansted Fluid Power designs and manufactures a wide range of pressure vessels and autoclaves which are offered individually or as part of systems. The range encompasses vessels from small laboratory research vessels to large production and storage vessels. A variety of designs is offered to suit applications from medium pressure lowly cycled systems to highly cycled vessels. In addition to the pressure vessels, SFP also offers a full range of complimentary products including safety valves, valves, fittings, tubing, pressurisation equipment and instrumentation. Contact us to discuss your High Pressure Vessels requirements

Small Pressure Vessels
Medium Pressure Vessels
Large Pressure Vessels
Ø3 - 75mm
Ø.0.1 - 3"
Ø75 -200mm
Ø3 - 8"
Ø200 to 1000+mm
Ø8" to 40"+
  • Vessels CE compliant
  • Liquid and Gas
  • -20°C to +250°C, (-80°C to 2000°C, also available)
  • Standard and Customised solutions
  • Telemetry available
  • Axial loading

Contact us to discuss your High Pressure Vessels requirements

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