The Stansted range of high pressure valves provide a robust and versatile solutions for pressurised systems. These ranges are complimented by our line of high pressure tube and fittings.

In addition to the range of standard valves SFP can also provide customised valves designs. Make an enquiry here

  • Pressures to 1400 MPa (200,00 psi) (14,000 bar)
  • Liquid and Gas Duty
  • Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulically actuated valves
  • Normally Open, Normally Closed, Pilot Operated Checks, NRVs
  • Safety Valves and Rupture Assemblies
  • Line Filters
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Very High
Ultra High
Pressures to:
35 MPa
350 bar
5000 psi
Pressures to:
100 MPa
1000 bar
15000 psi
Pressures to:
400 MPa
4000 bar
60000 psi  more info
Pressures to:
700 MPa
7000 bar
10000 psi
Pressures to:
1400 MPa
14000 bar
200000 psi

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